When it’s time to introduce a new product or collection, most brands take the simple approach: They email their whole list with one or two emails and call it a day.

Even though this approach works, there’s a (much) better way to go about it. You can use email to build anticipation and excitement leading up to your product launch. This will help you generate buzz and, ultimately, sales once the product becomes available.

Today we’ll analyze how Everlane introduced their Renew puffer jacket with 5 emails over the course of one week. But, before diving into the specific emails, let’s take a look at their product launch calendar:

Everlane product launch calendar

This screenshot comes straight from our Calendar View (except for the added pink boxes).


Let’s now analyze the formula they followed to launch this product.


Step 1: Build anticipation

Subject: “In 7 Days: ReNew”

Everlane 2018 10 17 1250 wednesday In 7 Days ReNew

This email’s animated GIF does a phenomenal job at building anticipation while making a pointed statement that elevates the brand.

Following through with the “learn more” CTA takes you to this narrative-first landing page. This is a great way to set the stage.

Step 2: Letter from the CEO

Subject: “It’s Time To ReNew”

Everlane 2018 10 18 1250 thursday It s Time To ReNew

Continuing on the mission-first momentum we saw in the previous email, Everlane sent a well crafted note from the CEO. Notice how this email does not come across as salesly.

The team did an amazing job of giving readers a clear next step with the “See the story” button at the bottom of the email. The button is prominent yet out of the way.

Also, have you noticed something odd…? We have yet to see how this new product looks — something very unusual in the world of fashion emails. (But don’t worry, this is all part of the plan!)


Step 3: Reveal the product

Subject: “In 2 Days: ReNew”

Everlane invalid date In 2 Days ReNew

Here’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for: We get to see the product, at last. Powerful yet not overly commercial, notice how Everlane keeps reiterating the brand’s value proposition. This is more than a puffer jacket, this is a statement piece!

Extra points for the “Preview the collection” CTA. Notice that we are 3 emails in and they still haven’t asked us to buy anything yet.

Double extra points for the “In New York?” section at the bottom. This product launch was combined with a pop-up store experience in New York. More about this in the next email.

Step 4: Take the conversation offline

Subject: “Experience ReNew IRL”

Everlane 2018 10 23 1250 tuesday Experience ReNew IRL

In the previous email we received a sneak peek of Everlane’s concept space in Soho, New York. This email is all about driving foot traffic to the venue. It’s a fantastic way to engage readers in a personal, non-digital way.


Step 5: Close the sale

Subject: “The Wait Is Over: ReNew”

Everlane 2018 10 24 1201 wednesday The Wait Is Over ReNew

This is it, the moment we’ve all been waiting for: The Renew jacket is now available for sale. Notice how the email remains simple, to the point, and totally on brand.

What’s more, Everlane even took the trouble of segmenting their list between males and females to ensure the product launch image is as relevant as possible.

Everlane 2018 10 24 1201 wednesday The Wait Is Over ReNew 2

In one short week Everlane took us on a beautiful brand-first email narrative which led to the introduction of their latest winter jacket. We absolutely loved how their marketing team went above and beyond your typical one-email-introducting-the-product approach.

Even if you don’t have the same marketing resources as Everlane, there’s surely a takeaway or two you can implement in your next product launch campaign.

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