MailCharts was built with one goal in mind: To empower ecommerce email marketers. In this article, we’ll talk about the benefits of joining MailCharts for free as well as the features we offer in our Pro subscription.

MailCharts free account is a great place to start if you’re just getting your feet wet in email marketing and are looking for high-level insights. The Pro plan is for the email marketing teams who need a more tailored experience with access to our full database.

The MailCharts Free account IS for you if you…

  • Need inspiration for holiday campaigns and promotions. View brand examples and trends from past holidays.
  • Are stuck on strategy for your next triggered campaign. We have 60+ curated lists of email journey best practices and unlock select journeys for users weekly.
  • Want to stay on top of high-level trends. Browse the entire MailCharts Index of ecommerce brands and high-level industry overviews. Receive weekly newsletter with ecommerce insights, guides, and inspiration.

The MailCharts Pro subscription IS for you if you…

  • Are planning calendar or promotional campaigns. Export email examples and view historical data for all our indexed brands. 
  • Need email competitive insights. Use industry reports to see how your brand stacks up against others in your industry. 
  • Want a more personalized experience. Users have access to create custom lists and groups where you can add existing MailCharts Index brands and favorite emails in one place. 
  • Need more journey inspiration. Use over 25K available journeys when creating or optimizing your next triggered flow.

If none of the above fits your team’s needs, MailCharts may not be a good fit for you. This happens and we get it! While we’d love to be a solution for everyone, we’re built for ecommerce email marketers. MailCharts may NOT be a good fit if… 

  • You need specific, non-ecommerce industries. While we do cover 75+ industries (and over 2,500 brands), we don’t cover every industry that exists (trust us, we wish we could!). However, we do have many Pro users create custom groups or industries using existing MailCharts Index brands. To check if a brand is within the MailCharts index, type in the brand in the top right search bar of the app (you can search in the free version before you upgrade to see if your desired brands are available).
  • You need brands we don’t track in the MailCharts Index. If the desired brand isn’t within the app but that brand falls within one of the industry groupings, shoot us a note at [email protected]. We review every request and add the brands that meet the criteria.
  • You need journeys we aren’t able to track. If a brand is not within the MailCharts Index, we’re not able to track those journeys. We track all the 11 major journey types but more complex journeys with complex segmentation are more difficult to track and therefore not included.

Still not sure? Our pro plan is based on a month-to-month billing cycle with no commitment. Downgrade and adjust your plan as needed if you’re finding it’s not meeting your expectations (I’ll be honest, you won’t want to). Get started with your MailCharts Free account today to get a taste of what MailCharts has to offer.

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