Glance at your calendar this month and it’s probably screaming va-cay. Maybe you’ve already scheduled a week or two off and penciled it in.

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OK … it may be the dog days of summer but your marketing spidey sense should be tingling. Q4 looms ahead — a quarter when, according to Epsilon, last year fully 82% of all emails were classified as “marketing”. Which means you face even stiffer competition in the inbox and need a better approach to get noticed.


5 ways MailCharts offers a better approach

Our searchable archive of historical email data makes looking back an easy way to look ahead. Log in and you’re ready to:

  1. Uncover holiday-specific email examples, stats and schedules from top brands and competitors. Reviewing what rivals mailed during Q4 of last year (especially during the crucial last 6 weeks from Thanksgiving and Black Friday to New Year’s Day) offers actionable insights into their plans for this year.

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    This email calendar segment gives you an at-a-glance view of Nike’s and Adidas’s pre- and post-Thanksgiving 2018 blasts. Clicking any subject line displays the corresponding email.
  2. Compare your program volume, cadence and discounts against a single company, a custom group of companies or your entire industry. Our useful benchmark data on sending volume, most popular mailing day of the week, promotional frequency and average $ or % discount help you tweak (or A/B test) your send times, promo pricing, mailing frequency and other variables.

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    Comparing Nike’s and Adidas’s email promotions during November 2018 shows that on average Adidas offered % off discounts well over twice as often as its major competitor.
  3. Generate actionable email reports that chart a brand’s sending behavior — and help optimize your own email campaigns — with just a few clicks. Plus compare any brand against any other and see how your (or anyone else’s) email program stacks up against 8 industry best practices, including mobile optimization. (According to Litmus, well over half of all emails are opened on mobile devices. But you knew that.)

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    Comparing Nike’s and Adidas’s emails sent during November 2018 shows that on average virtually all of Nike’s were mobile optimized, versus about half for Adidas.
  4. Visualize any company’s email program via thumbnail, inbox and calendar views. Thumbnail view shows you at a glance what your peers are sending, while inbox view delivers a quick gut check on whether your subject and preview lines stand out from the crowd. Calendar view, of course, helps you visualize how companies launch new products, drive sales on key holidays, and map out their email cadence.

    Thumbnail view grab drop shadow 300x228
    Side-by-side thumbnails of Nike’s and Adidas’s emails sent during November 2018 make it easy to size up both brands’ visuals and messaging.
  5. Download and share emails as images or CSV or HTML files. Skip the tedium of doing screengrabs. Select the emails that interest you and in seconds export them as shareable high-rez PNG images or HTML docs. Or turn them into a spreadsheet’s worth of MailCharts email data broken out by subject line, preheader, ESP technology, spam score and over a dozen other vital characteristics.
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Select the email thumbnails that interest you (or check the “60 emails selected” box to grab the whole page) and export them as images or as CSV or HTML files with a few clicks.


Get ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, too

To get an idea of how our data can help you accomplish your goals, check out our Black Friday and Cyber Monday strategy pages.

We serve up email examples, campaign planning calendars, stats on last year’s volume distribution and discount strategies plus targeted copy tips for maximizing open and response rates.There’s no faster way to jumpstart planning for — and reporting on — your upcoming Q4 campaigns.

Ready to end last-minute dumpster diving for email campaigns in that spare Gmail account? Team up with MailCharts … and get ahead of your critical Q4 planning.


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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