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Pro tip: Focus on key categories and areas of interest that appeal to holiday shoppers.

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Ah, the holidays—the time when many brands and retailers earn that cold, hard cash to hit revenue targets. And, of course, email is vital for succeeding during this critical period.

Want to maximize your customer’s shopping experience? Think about offering gift guides. Brands can really make shopping easy with complementary products and ideas that are irresistible … omg, I spent *how* much on Black Friday?! 😛

What’s more, gift guides can be useful during other events during the year, like Mother’s Day. Think of incorporating key holidays in your email strategy year-round where your product makes sense.

Gift guides strategic recommendations

Gift guide emails can get out of hand fast for retailers with hundreds of SKUs. Don’t overcomplicate it! Focus on key categories and areas of interest that would appeal to holiday shoppers. We took a look at over 100 retailer gift guide emails so you don’t have to. Here’s what we learned:

Build categories for different gifts

Having various categories for shoppers can appeal to the masses and their holiday shopping lists. Consider curating different lists by category. For example, clothing company, Naadam, categorizes gifts by the recipient (for him and for her) and by price with a call to action to purchase a gift card if nothing in the guide piques shoppers’ interest.

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Highlight holiday shopping information and deadlines

Have 24/7 customer support during the busy season? Free shipping on orders over $50? A shipping deadline? It’s important to communicate these details so the shopper understands when they need to have their order placed by. Take a look at outerwear company, Outerknown. They highlight their shipping deadline within their guide email based on the shipping options available.

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Showcase a variety of products while also mentioning specifics

Women’s retailer, Unique Vintage, highlights a variety of products within their gift guide and also has a call to action for browsers to shop other products and collections. Highlighting a variety of products will target the many and not the few.

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Gift guides implementation details

With images, product information, and text, gift guide emails aren’t the easiest to compose. Eye-catching designs and lightweight HTML are critical for the success of these campaigns. Here are a few recommendations when setting up gift guide emails:

Beware of clipping.

Have a super long gift guide or too many images? Lengthy HTML emails can clip in the inbox, causing a poor user experience. Test emails thoroughly with multiple email clients through tools such as Litmus to ensure they’re not clipping due to heavy emails.

Did you know? MailCharts email scoring factor’s in the weight of the email. This is an important component you’ll want to take a look at when analyzing other gift guide emails within MailCharts.

Personalize gift guides.

If running into the problem above, consider splitting out gift guides and personalizing based on previous purchases or cart abandoned items. This lets you feature all the products but in a personalized way. These fields can be dynamic based on different categories of interest and segmenting based on persona. For example, if Stacy buys 4 sweaters for women during the 2018 holiday season, she can be categorized as a women’s clothing shopper, or more specifically, interested in the women’s tops.

Optimize for mobile viewing.

It’s no secret that consumers are always on their phones. In fact, during the 2018 holiday shopping season, it was estimated that mobile purchases accounted for a total of 49% of all purchases. Include responsive HTML based on screen size and utilize bulletproof buttons. Having the appropriate call to action and text size will be critical for marketing to those opening emails on mobile.