Q4 email marketing strategy

Q4 is when it all comes together for virtually every ecommerce brand and online retailer.

In 2019, holiday retail sales (including brick and mortar stores) totaled more than $1.1 trillion.

You’ve heard of Black Friday. It’s aptly named because, traditionally, the Friday after Thanksgiving represented a kick-start for most retailers when they shifted gears from months-long losses (in the red) towards profitability for the year (into the black).

Well — stand back! — because the real rocketship for ecommerce brands and online retailers is Cyber Monday. For anyone skeptical about the power of ecommerce (BTW: who are these people!?), Cyber Monday is larger than Black Friday.

You heard that right: the biggest day of the biggest month of the biggest quarter for the biggest brands in the world is driven by ecommerce. Yay!

How do you get in on the action? It’s up to you and your marketing preparations. Let’s get to planning.


Email marketing is vital for a successful holiday season

Let’s cut to the chase: email marketing will contribute to 20% of all ecommerce revenue. Wow!

The power of email marketing is no secret to brands as they ramp up all marketing activities during the last quarter of the year. Ecommerce brands and online retailers can double their send frequency during the November-December time period.

For example, looking at ecommerce industry insights and trends—200+ leading apparel brands sent 12% more emails in Q4 2019. (For these keeping track at home, 12% is roughly one more email per week than average!)

More important, brands can also expect to have promotional competition from Black Friday through Christmas. Some 3 out of every 4 emails sent (75%) from late November through late December include some type of discount, BOGO or free shipping offer. What’s most popular? Brands rely on “percent-off” discounts in almost two-thirds (60%) of their campaigns.

Quick tip: utilize gift guides to improve your odds of customers finding the perfect gift from your entire set of SKUs. We’ve curated dozens of great gift guide email examples to get you started.

YoY data: look backward to move forward

With our historical database of years-upon-years of data, planning promotional campaigns for the ever-important Q4 period has never been easier.

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Create a Q4 marketing calendar now

If digital marketing is a critical revenue stream for you (it likely is since you’re reading this), you should strongly consider building out your Q4 campaign schedule early in Q3. It may seem early, but there’s a lot at stake.

Consider that 50% of revenue is attributed directly to marketing—like your paid ad budget—leaving the remaining half of your Q4 revenue tied to retention tactics like, you guessed it, CRM and email marketing initiatives.

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Key dates and holidays through Q4

Click below for in-depth email examples and strategies to prepare key campaigns for Q4.


Do you need email examples for the rest of the year?

MailCharts helps you prepare for upcoming holiday email campaigns and promotions—but what if you’re looking for something funky or specific, like Talk Like a Pirate Day? We curate our database with thousands of the best ecommerce brands and online retailers so you can find exactly what you need—big or small—to prepare subject lines, send cadence and more.

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Q4 emails strategies and ideas

Take a look through several of our favorite blog posts covering a few thought-starters for your Q4 campaigns.

Plan all year long with MailCharts

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