Online retailers are constantly innovating, launching new products, looking to get their audience to either buy for the first time or to drive that ever-sought after repeat purchase.

Ideating, producing, and launching a new product is extremely time consuming. All that effort needs to be matched with great marketing.

Yet, unfortunately, this is where most online retailers fall flat.

As you might already know, email marketing drives ~20% of sales. You simply can’t ignore the importance email plays when announcing a new product. The problem is that most companies send a standard “Announcing {product_name}” email with a coupon and call it a day.

You and I both know we can to do better than that. Let’s look at four delightful product launch emails and see what we can learn from them.


Provide an Immersive Product Overview

Rapha is one of my favorite cycling brands. Their products are high quality and their marketing is remarkable. Here’s how Rapha announces a new product:

Introducing Shadow: innovative wet-weather racewear

Rapha - Introducing Shadow: innovative wet-weather racewear

The email is focused on just one thing: the new product. Now, take a look at their landing page. Seriously, go check it out. Watch the video, read the description.

Even if you’re not into cycling, don’t you just want to buy this? Every aspect of the landing page screams “this is the best you can get”.

Takeaway: Craft an immersive product landing page where prospective buyers can learn the ins-and-outs of your product. Make sure to include CTAs prompting visitors to purchase.


Showcase Your Personality

Patagonia announced their recent jacket with an email titled “The midlayer mullet”.


Here’s the email:

The midlayer mullet

Patagonia - The midlayer mullet

This is so odd. I need to learn more… Let’s click.

Notice how the copy on the landing page is directly tied to the creative. This same narrative extends all the way to the email. This campaign is fun and personable.

Takeaway: Announcing a new (technical) product doesn’t need to be dull business. Patagonia launched an approachable campaign with their tongue-in-cheek copy and creative.


Include Many Product Shots With Short Descriptions

The two product announcements we’ve covered so far heavily lean on videos which, unfortunately, you may not have access to.

Let’s switch gears and look at Nike’s latest product announcement. Notice how the email copy is actually different than the landing page’s. Below’s the email and here is the landing page.

I must say, the imagery and copy on the email is actually more enticing that the product landing page. Very Apple-like. This is great marketing from Nike’s email team. ?

Takeaway: By including different angles and shots of the same product Nike created an engaging email. Leverage large images with short, supportive, descriptions.


Turn Your Email Into a Magazine Spread

Anthropologie’s release of the Chino has Vogue-like qualities to it. The brand leveraged beautiful imagery with artsy filters to showcase their new line.

Below’s the email and here’s the landing page.

Introducing: CHINO by Anthropologie.

Anthropologie - Introducing: CHINO by Anthropologie.

Notice how the email uses slightly different images than the landing page. This allows Anthropologie’s narrative to seamlessly flows from email to web without giving the impression that we’re seeing the same thing twice.

Takeaway: Reach out to the design team to see if they have any non-published shots you can leverage in your email.

Keep these points in mind when planning your next product announcement email:

  • A product narrative allows you to connect with your subscribers on a deeper level than any sale could.
  • The more your company invests in good marketing (which includes great copy and imagery), the easier your job gets.
  • 99% of the images taken at a photoshoot go unused. Try to get your hands on the archive and dig up some treasures you can use on the email front.
  • Consider re-mailing your announcement email to non-openers. You can even keep the same subject line and content.

If you’re interested in seeing more great product narratives join MailCharts today. We track the email program of all the best online retailers. And don’t forget to read our most popular email strategy articles


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