What are “lifecycle journeys”?

MailCharts’ curated data is more detailed than just lists and groups—we’ve taken deep-dives into the world of subscription commerce to show the full customer lifecycle and how they market to their customers.

Our purchasing process is the same as if we were a real customer—we expose how they message key to cohorts during critical parts of the early customer lifecycle, including:

  • Trial to activation
  • Activation to retention
  • Winback
  • Referrals

More than simply your “competitors”

Effectively, we’ve trialed, purchased and churned from a variety of subscriptions across a number of industries. The variance of type of subscription uncovers journeys and details that you might miss if you look only at direct competitors.

For example, Netflix as a streaming media provider might not immediately think of RocksBox or Dollar Shave Club as “relevant”—but with each set of journeys, we expose how brands message key cohorts during critical parts of the early customer lifecycle regardless of product or service offering.

Which types of brands are included?

We’ve gathered data from 100s of companies in to build lifecycle journeys across many industries:

  • Media
  • Cosmetics & Beauty
  • Apparrel & accessories
  • Grooming
  • Kids
  • Pets
  • Meal Kits
  • Drinks
  • Snacks
  • Health & Wellness
  • And more!

The companies selected are both well-known subscription brands and as well as those that our customers have requested from us over the past several years. Want us to consider adding a new brand to our premium lifecycle data set? Reach out and let us know.