Receipts and order confirmation examples

It’s important not to overcomplicate email receipts with an abundance of information.

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Thanks to the power of email, companies can make even the boring receipt into a fun, memorable reflection of their brand. What’s more—customers loooove receipts via email! Even in traditional brick-and-mortar environments, the emailed receipt is replacing that crumpled up piece of paper in your back pocket or lurking at the bottom of your purse. The below email examples equip you with the tools to build better email receipts and ultimately bring customers back to your website.

Strategies for order order confirmations and receipts

It’s important not to overcomplicate email receipts with an abundance of information. Below, we walk through what works, what doesn’t, and different content strategies you can utilize.

Keep it simple and focus on the highlights

Winc does a great job prioritizing the most important information first so a customer can review it quickly. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. What do they care about the most? When the item is expected to be delivered, of course! Think about putting the order tracking or expected delivery date towards the beginning of the email. This provides a better user experience for the purchaser.

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Use the receipt as a way to gather more information about a new customer

Turn your email receipt into a research opportunity by adding a brief survey. For example, Adidas does in their email receipt. These responses can help inform the Adidas brand on what’s working and what’s not.

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Provide a discount or refer-a-friend campaign within the email receipt

Brands like 1-800-Flowers include a discount on their receipt emails to encourage repeat purchases. Who knows, maybe this one sale turns into two back-to-back sales because of it. In addition to discount codes, you could also include a refer-a-friend discount to help grow your subscriber base (if you’re new to refer-a-friend campaigns, you should take a look at our MailCharts strategies).

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Talk about quality guarantee

Purchase receipt is a great place to talk about your quality guarantee and return policies and ensure a positive experience even if the customer is not completely satisfied with the product. Underwear brand ThirdLove has a section that talks about their “perfect fit promise” and explains that returns are always free

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Offer live package tracking and text notifications

We love how cosmetics brand tarte notifies the customer about the status of their order in the email. At the top of the purchase receipt, it’s easy to see if the package is in transit or if it’s already been delivered. Tarte also makes it easy to opt-in (or out) for text message notifications.

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Thank the customer for placing the order

Make your customers feel valued and leave a positive impression by including a thank you note in the order confirmation. In this email, Rockwell Razors thanked the customer both in the subject line and in the email body.

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Invite customers to join your rewards program

The order confirmation email can be a good place to mention your loyalty program and invite the customer to start collecting rewards. In their purchase receipt, Brooklinen added a section with the title “Want to earn credits towards your next purchase?” and invited customers to join the VIP program. This strategy can help drive future purchases too.

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Inform the customer about delivery delays

If it’s a busy time of year and you are expecting delivery delays make sure to mention that in the purchase receipt email and avoid any confusion or potential complaints. Here’s an example from Food52 where they included a shipping delays notification and explained that the customer will receive a shipping confirmation email as soon as the package gets shipped.

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Include product recommendations

Footwear brand Chaco starts driving repeat purchases in their order confirmation. At the bottom of the purchase receipt email, Chaco has the “recommended for you” section where they link personalized product recommendations.

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Receipt implementation details

Receipt emails are largely dependent on data being sent from your website to the email service provider (ESP). Without proper events being triggered or data passing between the two, it’ll be difficult to send the email. Check out our three implementation tips below:

Trigger email based on a purchase

Set up an event to fire on your website after a purchase is made and collect data around the purchase. That way, you can send a receipt within a few minutes of the customer completing the order. In today’s world, if a customer doesn’t receive some type of purchase confirmation within a few minutes, they’re concerned it may not have gone through.

Include personalization using tokens

In addition to including their product purchase details like the item, purchase total, and shipping address, make things more personal by addressing the customer by name using tokens within your ESP. Check out your specific ESP documentation to learn more about how to use tokens.

Bypass unsubscribe and "suspended" people in your database

Since a receipt is an operational email, bypass unsubscribe and marketing suspended people in your database. Just because someone doesn’t want marketing emails, doesn’t mean they don’t want their order receipt! This is important especially if they ever need to return the item or have questions regarding their order.

It’s important to note that email receipts are only one slice of the larger, transactional email strategy pie. A complete transactional strategy typically includes shipping confirmation, purchase confirmation, abandoned cart, etc. Get a glimpse of your entire email journeys strategy by joining MailCharts today.