Shipping Confirmation Email Examples

In e-commerce it's important to quickly confirm a purchase and provide a record for customers. Seems easy enough, right?

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Shipping confirmation emails are sent after brands have closed the deal—we can’t say they’re big $$$ drivers. Put yourself in the customers’ shoes: you want confirmation with all the details necessary to follow your order and avoid missing any perishable deliveries.

It’s important not to confuse a shipping confirmation strategy with receipt emails as they are sent at separate times. To be clear: a receipt email should be sent prior to sending out shipping confirmation within the purchase journey.

Shipping confirmation strategic recommendations

Let’s get straight to the content. What works for shipping confirmation emails? What content do customers care about? Here are a few great examples to get started:

Provide details regarding shipped contents

This is particularly beneficial to include for those companies shipping perishable items like meal delivery services. For example, baby food delivery company, Little Spoon, highlights essential details on the shipment including the insulated packaging and when to expect the tracking information to be updated. This makes for a positive customer experience. It also helps that they include information in a well-designed, easily digestible template instead of sending a wall of text.

Within MailCharts, clicking on an email example like the one above, gain insight into entire strategies by viewing which email journey the email belongs to along with its classification.

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Highlight the expected delivery date

This goes hand-in-hand with the tracking information tip above. By including the delivery date, brands can set expectations so shoppers aren’t waiting by the door for their package to arrive. Intimates company, Adore Me, provide their expected delivery date range right by the shipping method and tracking information in bold letters. This makes it easier for customers to quickly scan the email and pick up on paramount details.

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Include product recommendations to drive future purchases

Nike shared important details about the shipment, informed the customer that they were charged and how the package can be tracked. Then, at the bottom of the email, Nike engages customers and drives future sales by listing relevant product recommendations that link back to the website.

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Provide contact information

Make it easy for the customer to contact you with any questions about the shipping and delivery process. In their shipping confirmation email, tarte included an email address, phone number, and hours when to contact the customer service.

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Invite the customer to join your rewards program

If you have a loyalty and rewards program, consider mentioning it in your shipping and delivery email. Brooklinen added a section at the bottom of the email that invites the customer to join the program and earn credits towards the next purchase.

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Mention social media pages

Chubbies invites customers to engage with the community and tag the brand in their posts. They started the email by listing the shipping information and then, in the second half of the email, Chubbies linked podcasts and social media.

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Suggest next steps

When a customer purchases for the first time from your brand, make sure to provide guidance on how to use the product. Clothing brand Dia & Co uses the shipping confirmation email to explain the next steps and ensures a positive experience.

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Talk about an ongoing campaign

A customer completed a purchase and the package is on the way – great! The same person may benefit from another product or deal that you’re offering, so make sure you inform them about any ongoing promotions. ThirdLove does that by talking about “3 for $30” offer at the bottom of the shipping confirmation email.

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Explain the exchange and returns policy

A shipping confirmation email is a great place to share details about your exchange and returns policy. You can include a quick note or go into more details like oVertone did in this shipping confirmation email.

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Highlight any special requirements for delivery

Are there any special requirements for successful delivery? Make sure you communicate them in the shipping confirmation email and ensure the customer has a positive experience. In this example, Winc used big, bold text to emphasize that a person needs to be 21+ to sign for the package.

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Promote your referral program

Ritual does not include information like shipping address or delivery date in their shipping confirmation email. Instead, they use the space to talk about the referral program and how the customer can earn credits if they refer a friend.

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Bonus marketing tip: Consider incorporating mobile alerts for shipped items. This gives real-time updates to the customer on where their package is in transit without incessantly clicking through the tracking number in the email multiple times or having to check their email.

Shipping confirmation implementation details

Shipping confirmation emails are set up similarly to receipt emails. As long as personalization is included where possible these should be relatively easy to set up as email 2 within a purchase journey.

Populate order details with tokens

Use data from the purchase order to populate details like the item, order number, price, and shipping address for the purchased item. Most email service providers (ESPs) include the ability to personalize using such data from a transaction.

Send after the receipt email

Like we’ve noted above, customers should receive the shipping confirmation email after the receipt email is sent. Sending it beforehand can lead to a confusing user experience especially if the item purchase price and details are not highlighting within the confirmation email.

It’s okay to send transactional emails to unsubscribed users

This is also permissible under GDPR as it’s deemed as a legitimate interest. However, it’s crucial to clearly state this in the company’s privacy policy and to read up on GDPR best practices. Understand best practices before sending your shipping confirmation email.