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Canceled subscription emails can be used to end things on a good note and, if you're lucky, maybe the customer returns!

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Break-ups can be messy. Walking away from the perfect match can get ugly—but it doesn’t have to be that way!

Just like a break-up, if a customer chooses to cancel their subscription, brands have the opportunity to learn from it. Canceled subscription emails can be used to end things on a good note and who knows? The customer may come running back—absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?

Subscription cancelled strategic recommendations

These emails are often short, sweet and to the point. People who just canceled their subscriptions don’t want to hear a hard sell back into the product or endure a complicated cancellation process. Be respectful of their decision and offer them an opportunity to come back if they choose. Here are some tips on what to include:

Ask for feedback and learn more

Create a survey to understand more about why they’re unsubscribing and use that data to better your product or services. For example, skincare company Curology asks canceled subscribers to fill out a survey to learn more about their experience. Overall, the tone of the email is friendly and warm without pushing users to re-subscribe immediately.

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Create a clear path back to a subscription

Create keywords such as ‘reactivate now’ within the email to make it easily searchable in the customers’ inbox if they decide to come back in the future. Take a look at Netflix, which uses a short, simple email with a clear call to action button should the user want to resubscribe in the future.

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Surprise with something unexpected

Add value by offering relevant content for free, no strings attached. Snack company Graze, does this well by including a link to recent recipes on their blog. This can be a great way to get customers back on the website without strongarming them back into a subscription.

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Build a cancelation journey

This is a popular strategy in the media industry, for example, this initial cancellation email from Showtime. Their follow-up emails include notification of when the subscription expires (if canceled within a billing period) and a survey for feedback email like the strategy mentioned above.

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Subscription cancelled implementation details

Setup for canceled subscription emails is relatively simple: set up the email asset, create a triggered campaign, and sit back and analyze the email results. These emails have the option for some personalization, but for the most part, the content isn’t all that tricky to implement. Below are a few considerations when setting up:

Trigger emails based on an onsite event

Setup the email to send when a customer cancels their subscription on site. Ensure customers receive the email within a few minutes of canceling. Waiting too long can result in a poor user experience.

Bypass unsubscribed users

Since this is an operational email regarding the customer’s account, bypass unsubscribed or marketing suspended filters to ensure everyone, no matter their email subscriber status receives their confirmation of cancellation.

Mark cancellations as marketing suspended for a month

Should the customer remain subscribed to marketing emails, consider marking them as marketing suspended for a month to ‘cool’ off. This gives them some space since unsubscribing but allows for further marketing promotions and win-back campaigns down the line.

Marketing automation tip: If working in a marketing automation tool, customers can be marked as marketing suspended once the data value for their subscription changes from subscribed to unsubscribed automatically instead of updating manually.