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Abandoned cart emails are an effective reminder to customers to complete their purchase and are critical to every triggered email program.

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Cart abandonment emails are the bread and butter of any triggered email strategy in the world of ecommerce. They are one of the most effective email sequences you can send. Abandoned cart emails remind customers to complete their purchase, and ultimately, these emails have a lot of potential to impact a brand’s bottom line, in a very good way.

Klaviyo analyzed millions of cart abandonment emails resulting in more than $60 million in sales.

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In the digital world, consumers have endless options for purchasing products. Now, more than ever, brands must keep the attention of their customers, especially those who have expressed interest in certain products and added to cart. Cue the cart abandonment emails!

Abandoned Cart Email Examples and Strategies

Let’s get this out in the open right away: there are effective ways to drive conversions that don’t rely on a discount. Sure, the most popular cart abandonment technique is adding a discount, but our analyses of 100s of cart abandonment reveals there’s a lot more to consider! Check out these cart abandonment strategies:

Send more than one cart abandonment email

Consider creating multiple emails encouraging a purchase. Take fashion retailer, Vince Camuto, for example. They keep their initial cart abandoner email simple: reminding the customer of what they left behind by pulling in the product image and details. By viewing the entire Journey within MailCharts, we were able to see the cadence of these emails. One day after the initial cart abandoner email send, they sent an additional reminder with an offer for 10% off any regular priced item.

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Drive demand with scarcity

Who wants to miss out on this season’s must-have items? Consider including verbiage such as ‘only 1 left’ or ‘almost sold out’ like baby clothing retailer, Monica + Andy. Not only do they utilize the messaging in their email copy, but they also use it in their subject line. It’s one of the many reasons this particular email scored 100% on our email score calculator.

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Brag about how great the product is

Utilize reviews from social media or onsite. This is a great reminder to the customer about the quality of the product, not just the product itself. Take a look at this email from oral care company, Boka. They feature a real customer review within their cart abandonment email. This places the focus on the value of the product which can help drive conversion, especially if they’re shopping competitors.

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Highlight the return policy

DTC footwear brand, Allbirds, does this extremely well. They use simple messaging within their cart abandonment emails to convey their no-fuss return policy. This gives customers peace of mind in their purchase decision, especially with the risk of buying online.

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Offer help and include contact information

Pet supplies company Jeffers supports the customers through their abandoned cart emails by offering help during the check-out process. They are encouraging customers to use the live chat to ask any question about the product, or to make a call to get advice from a pet professional.

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Mention any ongoing sale

If you have a seasonal sale in progress, you can mention it in the cart abandonment email and encourage the customer to complete the purchase. For example, furniture brand Lulu & Georgia mentioned summer sale in the subject line for one of the cart abandonment emails, and said “Bring your items home during our Summer Sale”.

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Capture attention with emojis

Make your abandoned cart email stand-out in the inbox by using emojis. Milani uses cart emojis in the subject line and in the email they are creating a sense of urgency by telling that cart will be available for a limited time.

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Include relevant product recommendations

If a customer is unsure about the product and is still looking for other options, it may be a good idea to include relevant product recommendations in the cart abandonment email. Clothing brand DSTLD included similar products in the “Exclusively for you” section at the bottom of the email.

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Talk about the discount

This is an interesting strategy – a very direct subject line that talks about the offer “How does free shipping sound? And 15% off your next purchase?”. Notice how 15% off is available for the next purchase, not for the items that are in the cart! We love the fun checklist in the email body too!

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Whisky Loot has a section in the email that’s titled “What you’re missing out on” – they use it to share details about awesome features that are available only after the purchase. They also create a sense of urgency by providing a coupon that’s available for only 24 hours to get hesitant customers to take action.

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Share about brand values

Jewelry brand Wandere bracelets shares about company values and initiatives at the bottom of the cart abandonment email. This is a nice way to remind the customer that by purchasing they are participating in environment-friendly initiatives and supporting communities in need.

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Install confidence

Highlight your satisfaction guarantee and return policy in your abandoned cart sequence to reassure customers and make them more likely to complete the purchase. Harry’s talks about the 30-days quality guarantee and full refund just above the CTA “Finish shopping”.

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Have fun

Cart abandonment emails don’t need to strictly talk about the product quality and refund policies. Feel free to use on-brand creative and messaging and remind customers why they liked your brand in the first place. Here’s a fun abandoned cart email from Shinesty!

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