Presidents Day Email Strategy

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Below you’ll find the canonical reference for Presidents Day email planning. From email examples to specific promotional strategies, we’ve included everything you need to ace your campaign.

Presidents Day
Email Examples

Presidents Day Email Campaign Planning

Use the calendar below as a starting point to plan your email campaigns.

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Presidents Day Email Marketing Statistics

Day-by-day volume distribution

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Presidents Day promotional strategy

Presidents Day
Discount Analysis

Discover the most popular types of promotions used for Presidents Day.

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Distribution of Promotions

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Presidents Day Content Strategy

Ace your Presidents Day email content with these ready-to-implement strategies. Enjoy!

Sandwiched between Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day, Presidents Day gives retailers a hook to hang their February campaigns on. Email helps retailers get the message out, but the challenge for retailers is to change up their messages to stand out in the inbox.

Here’s the great news: many of the motifs that work for Presidents Day can be repurposed for Memorial Day and July Fourth promotions.

Popular motifs include a red-white-blue theme, stars, realistic and stylized flag graphics, and portraits of Washington, Lincoln, and occasionally other people. We’re also beginning to see more use of emojis like flags, stars and dollar bills in subject lines along with inventive animations in the message.


Strategy #1: Segment and suppress

Presidents Day is a uniquely American holiday. If you have a significant audience beyond the United States, your US-centric content probably won’t mean much to these customers.

If you have reasonably accurate segmentation data, consider sending a default version of your campaign to your subscribers outside the U.S.

For your Canadian subscribers, you could customize the message for Family Day, which five provinces, recognize (although not all on the same day) including Ontario, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.


Strategy #2: Get a little edgy

Thank Lin-Manuel Miranda and Hamilton for re-igniting interest in long-dead white men wearing wigs and creating countries. Capitalize on that interest, especially with cartoons or stylized artwork that would appeal to a younger audience. Presidents Day doesn’t have the historical or emotional attachment that goes along with named days like Washington’s or Lincoln’s birthdays. Take a few design risks to make your content stand out and drive greater interest in your offers.

One design tip: Red type on a blue background without a white outline is hard to read on both desktop and mobile. We saw a lot of that in President’s Day emails. Please, don’t.

And a subject-line tip: As with other holidays, retailers fall back on clichés for subject lines. The only problem is that every other email is using the same old tried-and-true “Presidents Day sale starts now!” Consider A/B testing a standard-issue subject line for something more eye-catching.


Strategy #3: Experiment with tactics to make your email stand out

As we noted earlier, we are seeing more brands experimenting with emojis and animations including countdown timers. Presidents Day could be a good laboratory to try out these attention-getters.

Another clever idea is incorporating Presidents Day concepts into your offer codes. Some we found: 4Pres, MrPresident, PRES10, America and HBDAYPREZ.


Strategy #4: Focus on enjoying the long weekend or day off

Presidents Day is a federal holiday observed on a Monday, which gives government workers, some state employees and companies that follow the government holiday schedule a long weekend with time to shop.

Instead of a standard offer, consider lounging-friendly long-form content such as a product showcase, consumer reviews and recommendations, a how-to-buy guide or top FAQs.