Free Shipping Day Email Strategy

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Free Shipping Day
Email Examples

Free Shipping Day Email Campaign Planning

Use the calendar below as a starting point to plan your email campaigns.

This Purina email calendar is based on Purina, who sent 1 emails for Free Shipping Day in 2018.
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Free Shipping Day Email Marketing Statistics

Day-by-day volume distribution

Will you simply send one email on Free Shipping Day or will you send a few emails leading up to it, including a “last chance” email once the event is over?
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Free Shipping Day promotional strategy

Free Shipping Day
Discount Analysis

Discover the most popular types of promotions used for Free Shipping Day.

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Distribution of Promotions

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Free Shipping Day Content Strategy

Ace your Free Shipping Day email content with these ready-to-implement strategies. Enjoy!

Free Shipping Day is the day procrastinating shoppers dream about – no shipping fees, no minimum order and guaranteed delivery by Christmas. What’s not to love?

It was created by the owners of FreeShipping.org, a portal website for ecommerce and free-shipping deals. Many marketers who don’t participate in the website’s official promotion piggyback their own free-shipping offers on the same day or the day before.


Strategy #1: Promote your participation in emails leading up to the day

Although Free Shipping Day (both the official and unofficial recognition) is not an email-only event, it’s pretty obvious that email is an excellent way to drive interest, awareness and anticipation. Add a line to the emails that precede your FSD promotion that either remind customers about the promotion or give a sneak peek about the items you will include in it.

Worried that your FSD promotion will siphon off sales from shoppers? This is an excellent premise to set up a test and see what the effects are.


Strategy #2: Publish your shipping schedule regularly

Even if you don’t participate in Free Shipping Day, officially or unofficially, do the customer-service thing and post your shipping schedule in your emails, especially as your deadlines for standard, express and next-day shipping approach. See the email creative examples above for ideas.


Strategy #3: Front-load your email with your free-shipping offer and any conditions like exclusions or deadlines

We love beautiful emails as much as anybody, but with a limited-time event like Free Shipping Day, you want to get your offer in front of your customer’s eyes as quickly and concisely as possible.

Naturally, you should mention your shipping offer in your subject line, although we were surprised to see how many merchants did not do that. Remember that your dedicated online shoppers are most likely getting emails from your competitors and other senders promoting free shipping. Do you want to risk being overlooked? Don’t bury the lede.


Strategy #4: Make it easy to take advantage of the deal with an easy-to-remember code

FreeShippingDay.org suggests using “FreeShippingDay” (naturally!). We saw some clever codes, our favorite being “HOLYSHIP.”


Strategy #5: Be ready to up your game

With every merchant offering a free-shipping deal, especially one with no minimum and guaranteed Christmas delivery, you’ve got to meet or beat your competition.

Consider offering both a basic free-shipping/no-minimum and an upgrade to two-day or express shipping with a minimum order. Or, run the numbers with your finance people and follow the lead of some merchants by offering two-day shipping with no minimum.

Another alternative: Let your customers choose between free shipping and a sizable discount (more than 20%). Shoppers who have done most of their buying and aren’t time-pressed might be persuaded to pick out something for themselves if the final price is right.