One of the more difficult and esoteric aspects in the world of email marketing is deliverability.  There’s a myriad of terms and implications for just about everything under the sun. SPF, DKIM, DMARC, WTF?!?!

In our best-selling e-book—Email Marketing Fundamentals—we cover what email marketers need to know about deliverability.

You can read the full chapter on email deliverability or see below for a few quick hitters to get you started.

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Sender reputation

It all starts with sender reputation. The way subscribers behave when they receive your emails is the foundation for your IP address reputation. Just like your credit score, there are things that improve, or hurt, your IP reputation. The more subscribers engage with your emails, the better your reputation.

Think of your IP address reputation as the equivalent to your email program’s credit score.

Read the section on sender reputation.

IP warm-up

You typically take the same steps to warm up a new IP address as you would to fix an IP address with a bad reputation.

The first step is to get the IP address and not send emails from it for a few days. Then, slowly start sending emails from it, gradually increasing volume over time. This process can take weeks depending on your list size.

View an example IP warm-up schedule.

Keep your list clean

The best way to keep a list clean is to make sure your emails are not bouncing and that subscribers are not marking you as spam. How do you do this? Well, create emails that are engaging and make it easy for subscribers to unsubscribe.

Make it easy for people to unsubscribe or your emails will get marked as spam.

Learn how to keep you list clean.

Get it all for free

All of this information is free, learn more about email deliverability right now. You can view every chapter of Email Marketing Fundamentals, free of charge, right here on MailCharts.

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