Our Trello reminder card says it’s time to share our Friday roundup of #EmailsWeLove tweets courtesy of our @MailCharts Twitter handle. Thanks, Trello!


Last year 18% of the 2,636,232 emails we received had one or more #emoji in the subject line, but today we’re saluting jeans maker @madewell for writing one that’s 100% word-free. Awesome!

Madewell - ☕️+🍩, 🍺+🍕


What’s @Postable‘s improbable mission? To mail really nice cards for its users the old fashioned way — via the postal service. Its personalized welcome email uses a fun #animatedgif plus a clean inviting design to get users up and running

postable - Welcome to Postable!


We’re not sure what @Chubbies was up to with this email’s suggestion to “Click this link which will BLOW YOUR FRIGGIN’ MIND”, but we were definitely dialed in to use it “to have the least productive/most funnest Friday ever.”

Chubbies - Well Well