Discover hundreds of holiday email marketing ideas with MailCharts!

Start with our hand-selected, updated lists of more than 100 holiday email examples representing 20 top shopping holidays and themes – from New Year’s Day to Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas.  

If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box idea to spice up your typical campaign, use MailCharts’ powerful search engine to find all kinds of offbeat holidays like Pi Day (March 14; you know, 3/14?), Star Wars Day (May the 4th) or Free Shipping Day (mid-December). 

No time to do the in-depth research you need to plan a detailed campaign brief? No problem. Our quarter-by-quarter strategy and idea pages contain:

  • What you need to plan for and think about in each quarter
  • Key data and trends from previous quarters 
  • The popular holidays for that quarter, each linked to its own strategy page  
  • Quarter-specific email strategies and ideas

And we know what you want – email examples. Lots of them! Between the dedicated holiday strategy pages and curated lists organized by holiday, you’ll find plenty of inspiration. We give you the tools to save them and share them with your team, too. No more forwarding emails back and forth!

Plan all year long with MailCharts

Since 2013 we’ve collected and curated ecommerce email campaigns for holidays and all year round. From big-name brands to the new brands on the block—our ecommerce email database gives you the opportunity to elevate your email marketing program. 

Use MailCharts to plan the next holiday on your calendar.

What makes a holiday email stand out in the inbox?

Out of the thousands of holiday emails we get every year, how do we find the best of the best holiday email examples for our curated lists? Simple – we use MailCharts!

Our email search engine lets us narrow our search down quickly using all the options you see below. It’s the same one you use when you’re a MailCharts subscriber researching emails to plan campaigns and calendars.

Advanced Search options image1 300x113

Once we narrow down our results, we look at various benchmarks to find the ones worth sharing. Here are some criteria we use when we’re building our curated lists:

  • Eye-catching imagery
  • Persuasive copy that evokes the brand tone and voice 
  • Thoughtful, technically accurate design that follows top industry standards
  • A unique and expressive subject line
  • A powerful call to action
  • Advanced personalization
  • Animated GIFs and emojis that advance the message


Plan your holiday marketing calendar with quarter-by-quarter research

One fact of ecommerce email marketing life is that you probably have a small team – maybe you’re even a department of one. Between pulling the campaign of the day together, collecting results, and reporting at your next team meeting, you have no time to research and plan ahead. 

No worries – we did the research for you. Our quarter-by-quarter email guides help you with relevant data, insights, trends, and advice like these:


Browse email examples by holiday

Each of these holidays has a dedicated strategy page and curated email examples. Click right to the next holiday on your list:

How Mailcharts data helps you plan better holiday email marketing campaigns

Easier collaboration

Be kind to everybody’s inboxes! Stop forwarding emails back and forth – use the MailCharts search engine and filters to zero in on exactly the emails you want from thousands of brands. Export them as image or CSB files or save the most memorable to custom lists you can share with your team. 

Better creative briefs

Gather the data you need to create detailed campaign briefs that map to your objectives and leave nothing to chance or error with MailCharts’ extensive reports. They’ll show when and how often competitors or peer brands are sending, and what promotions they’re using to capture conversions. Lots more, too!

Insightful testing

Track the brands that matter most in your market, and study subject lines, offers, frequency/cadence, and images. Then use your findings to set up A/B testing to find out what changes move the needle for your customers. 

Creative inspiration for every holiday

“Business as usual” doesn’t cut it anymore even with holidays that match heavy shopping intent like Mother’s Day or Christmas. Our curated lists feature notable holiday email examples from top ecommerce brands to keep you ahead of the trends in content, promotions, email design, automations, and integrations. 


Plan all year long with MailCharts

We’ve collected and curated ecommerce email campaigns since 2013 for holidays and all year round. From big-name brands to the new brands on the block—our ecommerce database gives you the opportunity to elevate your email marketing program. 

Use MailCharts to plan the next holiday on your calendar.