Hi there. How’s your day going?

I bet it’s going great. I mean, you managed to escape emails, meetings, and your noisy roommate to read this. Not bad.

Okay, so we’re about to spend some time together and, before we do, I thought it’d be a good idea to introduce myself. My name is Carl and I was born in France.

Ahhh, la France.

My career started in finance but slowly shifted toward marketing. I made my debut selling online ads (PPC campaigns) for companies such as Western Union and AllSaints. After this stint at the agency, I joined the startup world.

Remember when daily deals were a thing? Sure you do. $100 of sushi for $9, anyone? Well, my first startup gig was at a company called SideTour. We helped people like you and me find fun, local, experiences (think jazzfest in someone’s living room in Brooklyn). The company got acquired by Groupon. That was a fun ride.

Then, I joined the Recurse Center (formerly known as HackerSchool). This is where I added programming to my marketing chops.

Quick aside: As a marketer, I highly recommend you learn some technical skills. Being able to write HTML, CSS, JavaScript, create simple APIs, and use the JavaScript Console will forever change your marketing career. It surely transformed mine.

After HackerSchool, I joined Thinkful, where I led most marketing initiatives for two years. Thinkful is an online education company funded by Peter Thiel. We help people learn new skills through 1-to-1 mentorship from programmers and designers. Seeing the company grow from 3 to 30 employees was also a fun ride.

I’m now focused on MailCharts, an email marketing intelligence tool for e-commerce marketers. Using MailCharts, I get to see thousands of emails a week. Understanding what other companies are up to is a great way to learn. This book is the sum of my learnings. What you’re about to read is 5+ years of marketing experience condensed into a few chapters.

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