Loyalty & Rewards clubs email examples

Treat these programs as a holistic part of your customer communications and aim to integrate with existing messaging strategies.

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Reward programs are a way for brands to create loyalty among customers and incentivize them to share their experience with friends and family, too! They’ve become quite popular with consumers: with the average consumer belonging to 14.8 loyalty programs (PDF). Did your brand make the cut?

With email, brands have an opportunity to engage customers with their rewards program on a more frequent basis. How can loyalty program emails stand out from the crowd? We analyzed over a hundred loyalty program emails so you don’t have to—let’s take a look:

Loyalty & Rewards clubs strategic recommendations

Loyalty program emails should never be a one-off send and can fit nicely within existing strategies like welcome emails or new subscribers. They can also stand alone as their own strategy, reminding customers of their balance and next reward options.

Make rewards benefits easy to understand

With consumers belonging to many rewards programs at once, it’s important how the rewards work is easy for members to understand. For example, this elegant email from The Tie Bar that leans on the email design to highlight the important program takeaways and doesn’t overcomplicate with text.

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Highlight rewards members have earned

Reminding customers about their current balance or recent reward is a great tactic to keep people engaged. Dominos is a noteworthy example: When a purchase is made, they update the customer on their rewards balance.

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Get customers excited about using the rewards

Highlight relevant products members can earn with their points. For example, this loyalty rewards email from Starbucks. They keep the focus on all the products that can be redeemed using rewards in addition to making earning rewards easier.

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Help them get started

Underwear brand Knix launched the rewards program and sent this beautiful onboarding email. Their customers are getting the first 25 points just for joining – this is a good strategy to get customers interested and help them start engaging with the loyalty program. Knix also highlights some of the rewards and explains how the program works.

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Talk about different ways to earn rewards

Mack Weldon sends this email with quick instructions on how to use the available rewards and more importantly, how to continue earning even more perks. Sending regular emails with the status of the rewards is a good way to remind the customers about your loyalty program which can drive future purchases. In this email, Mack Weldon incudes two CTAs, one to SHOP BESTSELLERS and the other one to LEARN MORE about the loyalty program.

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Make the email fun and exciting

Collecting points and winning rewards is fun, and the loyalty program email should be fun and engaging too. See how Vapour Beauty utilized animated GIFs in their rewards program email to get customers excited about the 3x points promotion they were running.

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Promote loyalty program during the holiday season

The Body Shop invited customers to join their rewards program and as an incentive, they used double points during the holiday season purchases. We like how they used the usually busy shopping period to engage customers with their rewards program.

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Share new ways to earn rewards

Customers may not be aware that there are different ways to earn rewards so sending them updates and sharing details can be a good idea. Tarte sent this simple email with an animated GIF that lists six different ways to earn points. They mention not only purchasing but also writing reviews, completing surveys and referring friends.

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Combine product promotions with rewards

In this example, quip promoted a new product and their rewards program at the same time. They started with introducing the product and then they shared details on how to earn rewards in their app. The email is full of details and has a lot of information but the smart design and animated visuals are making it easy to digest.

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Loyalty & Rewards clubs implementation details

Let’s get down to how these emails get sent out, shall we? Reward emails are fairly straightforward and like most emails today, require personalization and some automation to captivate members.

Personalize the loyalty program

Only 2 in 10 loyalty program members are very satisfied with the personalization of the program. Brands can use browsing data, email clicks, and abandoned carts to help inform data and make messaging more personalized. These are often tokenized fields that can be pulled into an email depending on how the data is stored and if the email service provider (ESP) has access to that data.

Send often, but not too often

Now, more than ever, brands need to stand out and remind customers what they’re missing out on. Too much email, however, can be a negative experience and lead to a member unsubscribing. (MailCharts sending behavior report can give you a leg-up on planning exactly how much is not too much!)

Automate campaigns where possible by triggering emails based on events

For example, signing up for a rewards program should trigger a welcome email similar to The Tie Bar example above. There should also be regularly scheduled campaigns triggered based on recent email activity or purchase activity.