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Retailers and brands have an opportunity to use scarcity to drive demand through back in stock campaigns.

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Remember when Hatchimals were nearly impossible to find during the holidays a few years ago? Or how about Tickle Me Elmo in the early 2000s? Imagine being a mom and getting an email that your local Target has just restocked the toy. You’d probably hop in the car as soon as possible, right?

Retailers have a unique opportunity to use scarcity to drive demand through back in stock emails. These emails, albeit not the fanciest of email strategies, have one common goal: highlight demand for top-selling products with back in stock items.

Back in stock strategic recommendations

Back in stock emails are fairly self-explanatory. Most of the tips and tricks come from how they’re implemented. Keep back in stock emails light and don’t be afraid to use images to grab attention! Check out our content strategy recommendations to get started:

Highlight multiple top-selling products

Kylie Cosmetics has a history of selling out of hot products FAST. Based on their sales, they highlight top-selling back in stock items like their high gloss. Including multiple products in the email can help capture a window shopper’s attention.

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Focus on one product vs. many

Focusing on one product allows you to highlight key features. For example, men’s retailer, Hylete has a back in stock email for their popular polo. Because they focused on one product, they were able to highlight features such as the fit, the fabric, color options, and the unique stitching.

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Create an engaging back in stock email journey

Companies don’t need to send the same email messaging multiple times to engage. It’s possible to create captivating emails by changing the email layout, offering additional product information, alternative products, and discounts.

Retailer UNIQLO is a perfect example of a strategy that comes across too aggressive. Using our email journey data, we’re able to see that the same back in stock messaging was sent five times over a three day period.

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Back in stock implementation details

Here’s where back in stock emails can shine. Use these tips to implement emails effectively and add a more personal touch to your back in stock email strategy.

Use browse or form fill data

Adding a pop-up or email form fill to an item’s product page when the item is out of stock can allow retailers to notify users when the item or similar items become available. Super pro-tip: browsing data can be used to serve relevant back in stock emails. Once an item is restocked, trigger the back in stock email to send.

Automate as much as possible

If you sell various products, sending one-off emails regarding back in stock items can be exhausting. Trigger emails based on restocked items and dynamically pull in product images from the website to supplement.

That said, even digital tech-savvy departments like an email team should be prepared to get their hands dirty if need be: your back in stock list are literally customers raising their hand saying “I’d like to buy!”

Exclude recent recipients of back in stock emails

Too many back in stock emails at once can make the message feel deceptive. Consider excluding recent recipients of a back in stock email so they’re not bombarded with too many in a short period of time.