I hope you now feel more comfortable, confident, and excited about email marketing. As you’ve seen, email is a wonderful channel that can drive tons of revenue for your business. The trick is to start small and grow your email program over time.

As you’re creating your campaigns, the best way to come up with great email marketing ideas is to stay atop of what other companies are doing. This added context will give you inspiration you can execute against. As such, in a very self-promotional way, I’d recommend you sign up for MailCharts—we help you do exactly this.

If you want a free option, you can also open a secondary Gmail account and use it to subscribe to different companies’ email programs (while not as powerful as MailCharts, this remains very useful).

Also, to continue your email marketing education, I recommend checking out the following blogs:

If you ever have any questions or want to bounce an idea, please reach out. You can reach me at email-fundamentals@mailcharts.com or @carlsednaoui.

Happy emailing!

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