Let’s look at a few companies doing a great job and highlight what stands out.



Their claim to fame is the “weekender,” an email sent every Friday that’s full of personality and fun content. Click here to view an example. The sole job this email has is to delight Chubbies’ subscribers.

Chubbies email



The Lululemon team does an amazing job at highlighting their products without being overly promotional. Look at the examples below. They use a nice variety of templates. Lululemon comes across as a lifestyle brand vs. a pure e-commerce company.

Lululemon emails

“Programming topic” Weekly

Peter Cooper runs a series of newsletters focused on specific programming topics, such as JavaScript Weekly, Ruby Weekly, HTML5 Weekly, etc.

This is a phenomenal email strategy because of how targeted they are. In a way, Peter Cooper built an email-only media company—you can pay to advertise in the newsletters. The design has no frills and the focus is purely on the content. This is perfect given his target user (engineers).

Programming weekly


Their attention to detail is phenomenal. My favorite email of theirs is purely behavior-driven. They turn off email notifications the second you download their app and connect it to your account. This prevents you from drowning in Slack alerts.

Slack alert email

Their weekly recap email does a really nice job of highlighting their core value proposition—it shows you that your team uses Slack to communicate.

Slack weekly summary

Virgin airlines

Virgin’s emails stand out for their colors, simplicity, and personality. While each email tries to sell you something (a plane ticket), they do it with tact.
Virgin airlines email

Virgin email campaigns

Invision App

The Invision newsletter mixes blog recaps—which are full of great content—along with new feature announcements showing how quickly the product is evolving. It’s a great, simple email strategy.

InVision newsletters


They do a great job of inspiring you to travel while prompting you to rent your place on Airbnb during your trip. My favorite subject line comes from a recent email and reads: “Take a vacation that pays for itself.”

Airbnb newsletters

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