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Subject lines with emojis email examples 👀

Emojis are a fun way to spice up an email and make a brand feel more personable.

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Your customers use emojis everyday with friends via text or WhatsApp—but emojis are maybe even more popular in the workplace thanks to Slack and other chat tools, so why not use them in email? That being said, there’s a right and a wrong way to go about using emojis in your ecommerce campaigns.

If you’re looking for email examples, we’ve compiled a list for you to see the latest and greatest emoji subject line examples.

Strategic recommendations with emojis

Emojis are fun! 🎉 Whether you’re looking to add some extra pizzazz to your messaging, stand out within your customers’ inbox, or otherwise—below are a handful of suggestions to utilize emojis in subject lines for ecommerce email campaigns. Let’s take a look!

Use images, not words

Take a look at this clever email from Saxx Underwear. They use the goat emoji in their subject line to highlight their ‘greatest of all time’ shirt. This is an unexpected emoji to see in the inbox so it likely garners a lot of attention but so does a wordless subject line!

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Find "unexpected" emojis

In addition to the example above of the goat emoji, there are hundreds of emojis brands can use. Keep in mind the rendering across email inboxes, but outside of that, the options are endless! Sugarfina incorporated a zombie emoji the month leading up to Halloween which was a great way to grab attention in a cluttered inbox.

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Which emojis would you use with a friend?

On the flip side of using unexpected emojis, brands can also incorporate those that feel familiar to customers. For example, this subject line from Carousel Designs, 😍 TODAY ONLY! 40% off site-wide! 🙌, feels personable while still highlighting a promotion.

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Use with sale language

Subject lines with emojis are a great way to announce a sale. Take, for instance, this subject line from MVMT, [SALE] Blue Light Glasses🔥✔. They incorporate two emojis within this email which is a great way to call attention to the email and includes all-cap language as mentioned in the previous example.

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Create urgency

In addition to in-email urgency tactics like countdown timers, the subject line is a great way to express urgency around a sale. Emojis can help express this urgency with emojis such as the: megaphone, clock, or sand timer. Carnival Cruise incorporates this within their sale email as a last chance discount.

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Storytelling with emojis

This example from Madewell begins to tell the email’s point before even opening with the subject line, ☕️+🍩, 🍺+🍕. They ultimately were trying to convey that their jeans and tees were the perfect pairing, just like the emoji pairings within the subject line. This is a unique way to incorporate some different emojis intentionally within a subject line.

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Subject lines emojis implementation details

It’s important to note that using emojis in subject lines is still not supported in some email clients and that rendering looks different across email inboxes (you can use a tool like Litmus or Email on Acid to see how this renders). It’s also critical to consider accessibility when using emojis as screen readers typically read out a description of the emoji which gets pretty long if using multiple emojis.

Emojis at the beginning or end of the subject line

By capping both the start and end of the subject line with an emoji, emails pop in a crowded inbox. If using this technique, make sure the whole subject line is legible on mobile to get the full effect! Freshly Picked took this approach in an email dedicated to their Ruth Bader Ginsburg collection using the subject line, 👑 R. B. G. 👑.

Pair with short text for easy mobile viewing

As a best practice, a maximum of 41 characters should be used in a subject line. When using subject lines with emojis, length is even more important to consider to ensure emojis are viewable in the inbox (especially those with emojis at the end of the subject line). For example, this email from Winc using the subject line, The 🔑 to their heart?.

Play off of email inbox environment

In the inbox, there are indicators using blue dots or orange markers for important emails. In these inbox environments, consider playing around with emojis that look and feel like those markers. Take a look at Cirque du Soleil’s example that uses the diamond orange emoji at the beginning of the message.


Pair emojis with all-cap words In addition to using emojis to create urgency, emojis can also be paired with different letter cases to stand out in the inbox. Kids clothing brand, Primary, uses the word ‘NEW’ in all caps within their subject line paired with emojis to call attention to the new product.