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Incorporate gift card messaging into your campaign calendar year-round and during the holidays.

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Gift card emails are a great way to promote gifting, especially around holidays. It’s also a way to generate quick conversions when shoppers are unsure of what to buy. Nowadays, sending an e-gift card is easy as many brands send e-gift cards on a buyer’s behalf to the intended recipient. In just a few clicks, shoppers can buy and send beautiful e-gift cards.

Gift card strategic recommendations

Many examples we’ll talk through below feature gift card messaging around Christmas, but gifting a gift card can be highlighted during other holidays, too! Let’s talk through a few of our favorite gift card examples:

Play into last-minute gifting

Driving urgency, like Rhone does in this holiday-themed gift card email, there’s an opportunity for brands to play on last-minute gifting messaging the day before or a few days before a given holiday. This isn’t just applicable to Christmas (we’re thinking Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Easter, too!). This type of email expresses some urgency, too.

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Make the gift card the focus of the email

If a brand wants to double down on gift card sales, make the gift card the focus of the email instead of featuring in the bottom footer or secondary email section. This example from Soko doesn’t include different product recommendations or additional designs making it extremely gift card-centric.

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Include a BOGO

A BOGO is a great way to generate gift card sales quickly. For example, The Tie Bar used email to advertise their gift card BOGO: a $10 gift card included in a purchase of a $50 gift card. This also brings the shopper back to spend the $10 gift card (with a total cart value likely greater than the $10 gift card).

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Highlight the gift card’s versatility

Gift cards are a perfect gift for those who have no idea what other gifts to buy. This is a great opportunity to feature copy within the email highlighting gift card versatility. For example, Outerknown featured language around sizing and showcased the gift card as a great option that’s also available for purchase 24/7.

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Show nearby brick-and-mortar stores as an alternative to a gift card

For brands that do have brick-and-mortar locations, feature the store closest to the customer as an alternative to a gift card. This can be done through several personalization tools like Movable Ink or Zembula. Foot Locker uses this within their gift card email to drive last-minute in-store purchases.

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Highlight installment payment plans

Payment options such as Afterpay are gaining popularity with online shoppers. Elf Cosmetics includes a large banner about Afterpay after their initial gift card CTA. Installment plans are extremely beneficial for brands with more expensive products, too for shoppers looking to distribute payments over a few months.

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Promote gift card use

This can be a great email to include post-holidays to promote gift card use. Starbucks promotes their gift cards by tying gift card usage to rewards points (every gift card dollar is equivalent to 2 Starbucks Rewards stars). For brands where there are no rewards or benefits for gift card redemption, showcase products customers can buy with gift cards they received over the holidays.

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Stress urgency in subject line

If sending a gift card related send around the holidays, stress urgency in the subject line to drive last-minute purchases. Champs uses the subject line ‘⏰ Send an Email Gift Card Before Time Runs Out!’ to drive urgency in their gift card-related send.

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Keep it simple

Recess, a calming beverage, used a simple plain text-looking email to promote their new gift card offering. This is a simple, yet effective way to get a customer’s attention as many email marketing sends include design elements and distractions from the core message.

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Gift card implementation details

An important aspect of “gift carding” is easing your customers’ decision making … answer their question: What should I use this gift card for? There are several ways to use your existing data and business logic to provide helpful merchandising for gift card redemption.

Incorporate best sellers

Looking to drive product purchases, too? Include dynamic recommended products or best sellers section to drive product purchases, too! Not only does Kat Von D include best sellers in their gift card email, but they also feature their current promotion.

Include shopping categories

By including shopping categories with links to the website, brands have an opportunity to convert those who are looking to shop vs. buying a gift card. The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf include gift card messaging along with other ways to gift. At the bottom of this send, they incorporate shopping categories to drive shoppers to the site, even if they’re not interested in purchasing a gift card.

Feature the gift card design within the email

While many brands are promoting e-gift cards via email, there’s an opportunity to include a traditional gift card design within the email. This example from TOMS showcases the typical rectangular gift card within the email design giving visual interest while also making it feel like a gift card-specific email.